Karnıyarık is a legacy of the Ottoman Palace kitchens and yet another of the imperial demands for creativity when it comes the much loved aubergine. You will find this particular dish in almost every restaurant you visit in Turkey! Karnıyarık literally translates as "split belly" - this is because the aubergines are cut in half … Continue reading Karnıyarık


Peculiar Desserts of Turkey


Turkish cooking is renowned for its sweet, syrupy desserts like baklava and şekerpare but is equally famous for this more peculiar offerings, such as its cheesy dessert from the southeast of Turkey called Künefe, and Tavuk göğsü, a Turkish dessert (milk pudding) made with chicken meat. Künefe is a crispy, cheese-filled dessert made with kadayıf. … Continue reading Peculiar Desserts of Turkey