The Lycian Way

Lycian Way

Lycia is the historical name of the Tekke Peninsula, on Turkey’s South-west coast. Mountains rise from the rocky coastline, providing beautiful views over the Mediterranean, pine trees mixed with carob give way to juniper and cedar trees at higher elevations. The Lycians were a democratic and warlike people, with a high standard of living for … Continue reading The Lycian Way


Twelve Unspoken Turkish Rules You Might Not Know

12 unspoken rules you might not know

Like every country, Turkey has a set of social rules to live by. Here are a few to start on you on your way... 1. Don’t leave too early If you leave before midnight it means that you think your hosts haven't done a good job. Turkish people typically enjoy extended visits, talking and drinking … Continue reading Twelve Unspoken Turkish Rules You Might Not Know

Diyarbakir – An Overview


Situated on the banks of the Tigris river in South-Eastern Anatolia, Diyarbakir still carries a medieval air. Black basalt walls encircle the city, a perfect example of defensive architecture of the Middle Ages. They are the second largest walls in the world, after the famous Great Wall of China. Although there were Roman, and probably … Continue reading Diyarbakir – An Overview

The Underground Water Structures of Gaziantep

Kastel of Pişirici (Beşinci)

The city of Gaziantep is located on the edge of the Alleben Stream and the settlement history of the city dates to end of the 5th century. The stream flows around the city however, the stream has low water levels, which is further reduced by hot summer days. The Gaziantep Plateau also has a small … Continue reading The Underground Water Structures of Gaziantep

Peculiar Desserts of Turkey


Turkish cooking is renowned for its sweet, syrupy desserts like baklava and şekerpare but is equally famous for this more peculiar offerings, such as its cheesy dessert from the southeast of Turkey called Künefe, and Tavuk göğsü, a Turkish dessert (milk pudding) made with chicken meat. Künefe is a crispy, cheese-filled dessert made with kadayıf. … Continue reading Peculiar Desserts of Turkey