The Lycian Way

Lycian Way

Lycia is the historical name of the Tekke Peninsula, on Turkey’s South-west coast. Mountains rise from the rocky coastline, providing beautiful views over the Mediterranean, pine trees mixed with carob give way to juniper and cedar trees at higher elevations. The Lycians were a democratic and warlike people, with a high standard of living for … Continue reading The Lycian Way


Af Kule Monastery, Kayaköy

Af Kule monastery, from above

Translated as “Tower of Forgiveness”, Af kule is an ancient monastery, located in the village of Kayaköy. Clinging to the high cliffs over the sea, the site affords some really impressive views over the Gulf of Fethiye, as far away as Rhodes if the skies are clear. Legend has it that the monastery was built … Continue reading Af Kule Monastery, Kayaköy

Increase in Air Traffic at Dalaman Airport

Dalaman Airport is currently welcoming direct flights from 89 airports across 29 countries and this year the number of incoming passengers has increased significantly, placing the region from Datça to Kaş in the top four destinations of 30 European cities. Cengiz Ayaz, General Manager of YDA Dalaman Airport, recently reported that the number of tourists … Continue reading Increase in Air Traffic at Dalaman Airport