The Lebessos Winehouse & Restaurant, Kayaköy

Lebessos Restaurant

The Lebessos Winehouse & Restaurant was once the most important house in Kayaköy. Built over 400 years ago, the house was renovated in 1859 by Nicholaus, the then Mayor of Kayaköy, who made it his home. The village of Kayaköy was evacuated between 1915 and 1922, as part of the Greek/ Turkish exchange, and the … Continue reading The Lebessos Winehouse & Restaurant, Kayaköy


Aquila Beach Hotel, Çalış

Established 10 years by business owner Serkan Erkan, Aquila Beach hotel is conveniently located on Çalış beach front, behind Billy's Bar. Catering for all requirements, Aquila Beach Hotels offers a variety of room options -  single, double, triple and family rooms. Entertainment can be found just outside the front door as you step from the … Continue reading Aquila Beach Hotel, Çalış

Motto Dining, Çalış

Motto Dining is conveniently located on the main promenade in Çalış and was established in 2014 by local Fethiye born businessman, Can Doğan. With a beautifully furnished, modern interior, comfortable sofas and a relaxed acoustic vibe, Motto Dining offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages, coffees and soft drinks, in addition to a narghile (otherwise … Continue reading Motto Dining, Çalış

Keçi Coffee Roastery, Fethiye

Keçi Coffee Roastery

Keçi Coffee Roastery was established in September of 2017 by businessman Emrah Turan. Emrah moved to Fethiye from Ankara in 2014. Keçi Coffee Roastery is a "3rd Generation Coffee Shop".  A lot of people may wonder what that means so here is a quick history lesson! "First Wave" coffee traces its roots back to the … Continue reading Keçi Coffee Roastery, Fethiye

Billy Tattoo, Çalış

Billy Tattoo is located in Çalış and owned by Istanbul born Bilal Kas (Billy), who moved to Fethiye 15 years ago. Bilal also owns the newly opened Billy's Bar on Çalış promenade. Established when Billy first moved to Fethiye 15 years ago, the highly trained staff at Billy Tattoo offer bespoke and pre-designed tattoos, cover-up … Continue reading Billy Tattoo, Çalış

Keyholders Fethiye Estate Agency

Owned by Gail and Gurol Gurses, Keyholders Fethiye was a well established real estate business, specialising in Fethiye, Dalyan, Dalaman, Göcek, Kaş and Kalkan areas and their surrounding villages. With many years of experience and expertise in the Turkish real estate market and an excellent reputation, the UK branch, Keyholders International Property Group Ltd, was … Continue reading Keyholders Fethiye Estate Agency

Akdeniz Adventures, Fethiye

Akdeniz Adventures

Akdeniz Adventures was established by American businessman David İsmail Jaime in the spring of 2018. David and his family have lived in Turkey for five years, moving from Adana to Fethiye last year. Specialising in providing people with fun, safe and adventurous outdoor activities, Akdeniz Adventures is an American owned and run company offering adventures … Continue reading Akdeniz Adventures, Fethiye