Af Kule Monastery, Kayaköy

Af Kule monastery, from above

Translated as “Tower of Forgiveness”, Af kule is an ancient monastery, located in the village of Kayaköy. Clinging to the high cliffs over the sea, the site affords some really impressive views over the Gulf of Fethiye, as far away as Rhodes if the skies are clear. Legend has it that the monastery was built … Continue reading Af Kule Monastery, Kayaköy


An Awe-Inspiring Cradle of Cultures, Faiths and Myths

Balikli Göl

Şanlıurfa, often referred to as Urfa, is a city in south-eastern Turkey, and the capital of the Şanlıurfa Province. Located 80 kilometres to the East of the Euphrates River, Şanlıurfa is known as "The City of Prophets," and is thought to be the historical motherland of the prophet Abraham, in addition to a number of … Continue reading An Awe-Inspiring Cradle of Cultures, Faiths and Myths

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Did you know that the seven churches of revelation, mentioned in the bible, can all be found in Turkey?  It is said that the seven revelations are related to cities as opposed to churches, and it is still possible to walk around the historic ruins of many of these cities. Ephesus (Revelation 2: 1-7) – … Continue reading The Seven Churches of Revelation