Beçin is located 5km South of the Milas District, Muğla Province. The city has hosted many civilizations however, it was not a prominent city in ancient times until the second half of the 13th century, when it was the capital city of the Menteşeoğulları Sultanate.  Menteşeoğulları dominated an area in western-Anatolia, which included Muğla, Balat, … Continue reading Beçin


Diyarbakir – An Overview


Situated on the banks of the Tigris river in South-Eastern Anatolia, Diyarbakir still carries a medieval air. Black basalt walls encircle the city, a perfect example of defensive architecture of the Middle Ages. They are the second largest walls in the world, after the famous Great Wall of China. Although there were Roman, and probably … Continue reading Diyarbakir – An Overview

The Underground Water Structures of Gaziantep

Kastel of Pişirici (Beşinci)

The city of Gaziantep is located on the edge of the Alleben Stream and the settlement history of the city dates to end of the 5th century. The stream flows around the city however, the stream has low water levels, which is further reduced by hot summer days. The Gaziantep Plateau also has a small … Continue reading The Underground Water Structures of Gaziantep

The Path of Abraham

Balikli Göl

The Abraham Path is a cultural route connecting the cities associated with Abraham’s journey to the promised land. Storytelling, kindness and hospitality are symbolic to walking the path. Abraham/Ibrahim is thought to have lived during the Bronze Age. He travelled with family and flock throughout the Arabian peninsula and the Nile Valley. His story has … Continue reading The Path of Abraham

The Walls of Constantinople

The Walls of Constantinople

The Walls of Constantinople are a succession of walls that have bordered and safeguarded the city of Constantinople (Modern day Istanbul) since it was founded as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire by Constantine the Great. With multiple additions and renovations throughout their long history, they are one of the greatest and most intricate … Continue reading The Walls of Constantinople

Af Kule Monastery, Kayaköy

Af Kule monastery, from above

Translated as “Tower of Forgiveness”, Af kule is an ancient monastery, located in the village of Kayaköy. Clinging to the high cliffs over the sea, the site affords some really impressive views over the Gulf of Fethiye, as far away as Rhodes if the skies are clear. Legend has it that the monastery was built … Continue reading Af Kule Monastery, Kayaköy