The World’s First and a Turkish National Treasure

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is one of two (soon to be three) airports in Istanbul but did you know that it is named after the adoptive daughter of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk? Born on 21st March 1913, Sabiha Gökçen became the first female combat pilot in Turkey and, according to various sources including the Guinness book … Continue reading The World’s First and a Turkish National Treasure


The Truth About Tulips

It is a common misconception that Tulips originate from The Netherlands.  Whilst it is true that, today, tulips are cultivated extensively in The Netherlands, the fact of the matter is that tulips are actually native to the Middle East and, more specifically, Turkey, and were not introduced to the then Holland, until the 16th Century. … Continue reading The Truth About Tulips

A Message in a Bottle and a Test in a Teacup!

Turkey is a country steeped in history and tradition. Some of these traditions are well known, whilst others are a well-kept secret! If you have ever ventured to Tlos, you may or may not have seen a little cottage nestled near the ruins, with an unbroken, empty glass bottle sitting atop its roof.  Why, you … Continue reading A Message in a Bottle and a Test in a Teacup!

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Did you know that the seven churches of revelation, mentioned in the bible, can all be found in Turkey?  It is said that the seven revelations are related to cities as opposed to churches, and it is still possible to walk around the historic ruins of many of these cities. Ephesus (Revelation 2: 1-7) – … Continue reading The Seven Churches of Revelation