Turkish Kahve

Did you know that it was the Turks who first introduced coffee to Europe in the 1500s?  The ruling Ottoman Empire first gave coffee, or Kahve as it's known in Turkey, to the Italians and from there it saw a rise in popularity, with coffee houses quickly becoming a familiar sight in many European countries. … Continue reading Turkish Kahve


Twelve Unspoken Turkish Rules You Might Not Know

12 unspoken rules you might not know

Like every country, Turkey has a set of social rules to live by. Here are a few to start on you on your way... 1. Don’t leave too early If you leave before midnight it means that you think your hosts haven't done a good job. Turkish people typically enjoy extended visits, talking and drinking … Continue reading Twelve Unspoken Turkish Rules You Might Not Know

The Path of Abraham

Balikli Göl

The Abraham Path is a cultural route connecting the cities associated with Abraham’s journey to the promised land. Storytelling, kindness and hospitality are symbolic to walking the path. Abraham/Ibrahim is thought to have lived during the Bronze Age. He travelled with family and flock throughout the Arabian peninsula and the Nile Valley. His story has … Continue reading The Path of Abraham

The Gilded Cage… A Secret World of Luxury and Confinement

The Ottoman Empire dates from between the end of the 13th Century until the early 20th Century, and was founded by the Oghuz Turkish Tribal leader, Osman I, in the town of Söğüt. In Turkey’s early history, leadership of the Empire typically passed from father to son, and it was commonplace for succession wars between … Continue reading The Gilded Cage… A Secret World of Luxury and Confinement