The Path of Abraham

Balikli Göl

The Abraham Path is a cultural route connecting the cities associated with Abraham’s journey to the promised land. Storytelling, kindness and hospitality are symbolic to walking the path. Abraham/Ibrahim is thought to have lived during the Bronze Age. He travelled with family and flock throughout the Arabian peninsula and the Nile Valley. His story has … Continue reading The Path of Abraham


The Walls of Constantinople

The Walls of Constantinople

The Walls of Constantinople are a succession of walls that have bordered and safeguarded the city of Constantinople (Modern day Istanbul) since it was founded as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire by Constantine the Great. With multiple additions and renovations throughout their long history, they are one of the greatest and most intricate … Continue reading The Walls of Constantinople

Ex-mayor of Fethiye succumbs to heart attack on visit to Kayaköy

Ex-mayor of Fethiye, Özer Olgun, recently passed away following a heart attack. He was taken ill while in Kayaköy. Following a funeral ceremony at the New Mosque in the town centre, he was buried at Taşyaka Cemetery. At the time of his death, Özer Olgun was sitting chatting with friends in the garden of Kayaköy … Continue reading Ex-mayor of Fethiye succumbs to heart attack on visit to Kayaköy