Kitsch Pub, Hisarönü

Kitsch Pub in Hisarönü is newly opened this year, by Istanbul born businesswoman Beril Yalçin.

Open until 03:00 every day, Kitsch Pub specialises in Homemade pastries, Hamburgers and it’s special “Kitsch Chicken”, which is served between the hours of 10:00 and 22:00.

Kitsch ChickenA reservation is required if you are planning on sampling the special Kitsch Chicken, otherwise you can just pop in for a friendly chat, snack, drink or freshly prepared cocktail.

You can make a reservation by calling Kitsch Pub on 05324132828 or by sending a message via their Facebook page.

Kitsch Pub is also a member of the Friends of Fethiye Loyalty Scheme, offering a 10% discount to all Loyalty Scheme cardholders. You can find out further details of the Loyalty scheme here.


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