Keçi Coffee Roastery, Fethiye

Keçi Coffee Roastery was established in September of 2017 by businessman Emrah Turan. Emrah moved to Fethiye from Ankara in 2014.

Keçi Coffee Roastery

Keçi Coffee Roastery is a “3rd Generation Coffee Shop”.  A lot of people may wonder what that means so here is a quick history lesson! “First Wave” coffee traces its roots back to the 1800’s, when entrepreneurs saw a market for providing coffee that was both affordable and “ready for the pot”.

One of the driving forces in the transition to “Second Wave coffee” was a consumer desire to know the origin of their coffee and to understand the unique roasting styles of  what will now be called “specialty coffee”. Words like espresso, latte, and French Press became common among lovers of specialty coffee and coffee shops started to become big business.

The “Third Wave” of coffee is a movement to produce high-quality coffee. It considers coffee an artisanal food, like wine, rather than a commodity.

Keçi Coffee Roastery

Keçi Coffee Roastery specialises in Herbal Teas, Experimental Coffee and Homemade Desserts.

They also run workshops, such as bag making to support feeding of the local street animal population, and have regular Yoga classes.

Keçi Coffee Roastery is open between 10:00 and 22:00, 7 days a week.

A reservation is not required, simply drop in; they are located at Cumhuriyet Mahallesi 504 Sokak No 4, Fethiye.

Keçi Coffee Roastery is also a member of the Friends of Fethiye Loyalty Scheme, offering a 10% discount to all cardholders. You can find further information about the Loyalty Scheme here.


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