Wounded green sea turtle rescued in Fethiye

Green Sea Turtle

While out sailing in the Gulf of Fethiye a group recently spotted a wounded green sea turtle in the sea, which they succeeded in rescuing.

The group noticed the sea turtle lying motionless on the surface of the water. They managed to get the animal on board and take it to a Coast Guard boat in Göcek. Representatives from DEKAMER, the Dalyan based Centre for Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation, arrived at the scene and attempted to resuscitate the sea turtle using artificial respiration. Eventually, the turtle was taken to the DEKAMER Headquarters at İztuzu Beach in Ortaca District, where Professor Yakup Kaska, Director of DEKAMER, stated that they were continuing their efforts to revive the turtle.

Kaska said that the turtle could have been caught in fishing nets and continued as follows: “It is possible that it suffocated while trying to untangle itself. In such incidents, if the sea turtle is found within 72 hours it is possible to revive it using artificial respiration and heart message. As a result, there is still a chance that this one will survive.”

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