Fethiye Municipality sues MUÇEV

Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi

Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi, who spoke at the opening of the 19th International Air Games, announced that as a Municipality they will sue MUÇEV soon.

Mayor Saatçi said in his statement that “If  promoting the beauty of Fethiye is left to the institutions in Fethiye and STK’s (Non-governmental organisations) instead of  organized by Ankara, all the infrastructural problems of our region would be solved.”

Mayor Saatçi who claimed that there is a perception operation created by MUÇEV, continued to say ‘”We don’t accept Fethiye’s values being promoted and marketed through Ankara. Therefore we will file a lawsuit against MUÇEV in order cancelled the procedures which were operated by MUÇEV.”

Mayor Saatçi, who underlined that the institutions in Fethiye and the STK’s should be authorised to run Belceğiz and Ölüdeniz beaches, continued his speech saying “We put the political parties aside in Fethiye; we continue to work together, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand with everyone, without discrimination in order to reach the goal of  Prosperous Fethiye.” 

“The Fethiye Branch of THK (Turkish Aeronautical Association) wins the first place among 81 other provinces and 400 branches of  THK.  Many STK in Fethiye also make significant contributions and do great work for the prosperity of Fethiye.” 

“We are living peacefully and happily in Fethiye and Fethiye is a self-sustained city, in every field such as economic, cultural and social life. If Fethiye’s values are left for just Fethiye, then Fethiye would reach a better dimension.”

“You may wonder why I am telling you these things. As Bülent Ecevit once said “A land belongs to the one who cultivates it. And water belongs to the one who uses it.””  

“The historical and geographical values of this region must belong to us, who are living in this land. We faced a flood disaster 3 days ago. After the flood, you saw the state of  Ölüdeniz, the pearl of the world. I am not saying this to criticize others, but if Fethiye’s beauty spots are not run by Ankara, and instead run by elected people here, then I believe that there is not a single problem will remain unsolved!” 

Having revenues from only Belceğiz beach and Ölüdeniz will be more than enough to solve all the infrastructural problems of the region. This is our right! We, as the People of Fethiye, do not accept Fethiye’s values being run from Ankara.”

Mayor Saatçi concluded by saying “My friends will complete the legal file very soon. We, as Fethiye Municipality, will sue MUÇEV for the court to cancel MUÇEV’s activities”

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