Increase in Air Traffic at Dalaman Airport

Dalaman Airport is currently welcoming direct flights from 89 airports across 29 countries and this year the number of incoming passengers has increased significantly, placing the region from Datça to Kaş in the top four destinations of 30 European cities.

Dalaman Airport
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Cengiz Ayaz, General Manager of YDA Dalaman Airport, recently reported that the number of tourists visiting popular destinations this year, such as Fethiye, Marmaris and Dalyan in the region extending from Kaş to Datça, has increased by 32 per cent in the past year.

He added that new investment and an increase in the number of quality accommodation are essential for meeting the demand and promoting regional tourism, asking Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Minister of Culture and Tourism, to support investment in the field of tourism.

Ayaz pointed out that the Anker Report, which covers holiday resorts in 30 European cities, cites Dalaman Airport as among the top four with an increase of 16 per cent between July 2017 and July 2018.  He added that this increase would continue at Dalaman Airport with direct flights from 28 countries and 89 airports. Ayaz remarked: “Turkey has become more and more popular with visitors from European countries with quality service and natural beauty. As our President has pointed out, tourism is the most flourishing field in our country. In order to maintain this, new investments are essential for our region.”

Continuing, Ayaz explained: “Dalaman Airport covers the area between Kaş and Datça, where there are about 135 thousand beds. However there are very few high-quality accommodation facilities. If we take Antalya into account, the number of available beds comes up to about 690 thousand. We use about 85% of this capacity in the high season.  We are sharing the accommodation facilities in some of the tourism centres with Bodrum and Antalya Airports. Because of this, it is evident that our region has almost no chance for development in the field of tourism during the coming years. Our endeavours to prolong the tourism season continue with all our shareholders, but, unfortunately, the ratio in the high season will not improve in the short and midterm.  Consequently, efforts to prolong the season should be accompanied by investment.  Our goal is for a more flourishing Turkey and the simultaneous increase of profitability at all tourism centres. It is not our intention to take incoming passengers from Bodrum and Antalya Airports.”

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