Discover More Than Rhythm When You Learn to Play an Instrument

Arda Karaca

Müzik Garaj Organizasyon & Enstrüman & Müzik Stüdyosu is a well-equipped music studio, centrally located in the heart of Fethiye, just a couple of minutes’ walk from Hello Bufe Café, on the main seafront promenade.

FB_IMG_1537289683104Owned and run by Fethiye born musician, Arda Karaca, the studio offers private lessons in Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Saxophone, Violin, Side Flute and the Oud, a traditional Turkish stringed instrument.  From the age of 5 years, lessons are available in both the Turkish and English language.

A knowledge of music and learning to play an instrument is often overlooked as part of a young person’s personal development; however, research shows that music education brings with it a wealth of other benefits. So whether your child is the next John Bonham, Jimi Hendrix or Taylor Swift, these are the things you need to know:

FB_IMG_1537290025494Music Makes You Smartresearch has shown that learning music from an early age can wire a child’s brain for a better understanding of mathematics, enhance language development and increase IQ, to name just a few!

Music can improve your health – in addition to reducing stress and anxiety, recent studies have shown that keeping your mind active by playing music, no matter what age you are,  can help with memory and also protect from illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Music enriches your social skills – Taking music lessons isn’t always just about learning an instrument. You might decide, when you are ready, that you want to join a band. You’ll make new friends along the way and you’ll develop a bond and sense of kinship with the other musicians around you.  You’ll soon find that nothing beats a jamming session with friends!

Music is a great confidence booster – Performing in front of an audience or your family at home requires a level of confidence, regardless of how good other people think you are. But the great thing is, once you’ve found your feet, your new found self-assurance will filter through to other areas of your life.

Garaj Muzik PNG (Transparan)

Music teaches patience and discipline – There’s a saying that goes, “the best things in life are worth waiting for” and learning an instrument is no exception. It takes commitment, determination and perseverance and there may be times when you feel like hurling that guitar against the wall! But stick with it and the rewards of playing will become evident, giving you an appreciation of the importance of never giving up.

Music is FUN – It begins with a sense of achievement and growing confidence that will quickly become a passion! So whether you are jamming with friends or performing in front of a crowd, the enjoyment and satisfaction of creating something that you, your friends and even strangers can enjoy is a feeling that’s hard to top! Who doesn’t want to be a rock star, right!?

So… what are you waiting for?

To find out more, you can contact the studio via the “Müzik Garaj Organizasyon & Enstrüman & Müzik Stüdyosu” Facebook page or by phone on +90 505 227 53 33


If you would like to advertise with Friends of Fethiye, please send us a message via the Contact Us page.


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