Blaze Sinks “Lucky” Gulet off the Coast of Fethiye

A gulet caught fire off the coast of Fethiye and sank, despite the efforts of the Fethiye Coast Guard.

Gulet on fire
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A luxury 20 metre gulet called “Lucky” recently caught fire while anchored in Göbün Cove, a bay in the district of Göcek. According to an official report, a group of 12 people had hired the boat for a tour of the Göcek Islands. At the time of the blaze the gulet was anchored in Göbün Cove but following the disembarkation of the passengers and with the help of another boat in the vicinity, the gulet was moved away from the shore.

The available information suggests that strong winds fanned the flames, which soon engulfed the entire vessel. Teams from the local Coast Guard intervened but the fire was only extinguished with great difficulty and even so the gulet sank. It is understood that the gulet was valued at one million Turkish Lira. Onlookers took videos of the fire with their mobile phones.

Courtesy of Land of Lights


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