Aircraft Brought by Road from Istanbul to Muğla

Two brother have purchased a decommissioned Airbus A300 passenger aircraft with the intention of turning it into a restaurant. Dismantled into eight pieces, the plane has been brought to Muğla from Istanbul by road.

Airbus A300 brought from Istanbul to Fethiye
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An Airbus A300 passenger aircraft, which was mothballed two years ago, has been bought by two brothers named Cemal and Nurettin Işıldak. Their adventurous plan is to convert it for use as a restaurant in a holiday village near Fethiye. It took a group of specialists to dismantle the plane for transportation.

Tekin Ertemel, a spokesperson from the Skyair Aviation and Transportation Company, gave the following details about the dismantling and transportation:  “  The decommissioned Airbus A300 has been purchased by two entrepreneurs in Muğla. After getting the required permits it was dismantled by our group of seven experts into eight pieces. This took place at Sabiha Gökçen Airport over a two month period and then the pieces were transported to our offices at Sultanbeyli using seven trailers.”

Ertemel then explained that the pieces were transported to a holiday resort, somewhere between Muğla and Fethiye, where it would eventually become an alternative style cafe-restaurant. “The pieces were transported from Istanbul to Muğla again by road on August 30th and 31st. Our experts will be going to Muğla during the course of next week to reconstruct the plane. Barring unfavourable weather conditions, this should take about 10 to 12 weeks, at the end of which the purchaser will take delivery.”

The amount the brothers paid for the aircraft has not been disclosed.

Courtesy of Land of Lights


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